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Welcome to the English Composition Writing FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). This FAQ addresses difficulties that many new writers have with mechanics, style, content, and structure. While meant for the new college writer, even experienced writers may benefit from some of the answers to the following questions.

Comments and questions should be forwarded to the FAQ’s Editor. If you have a question, feel free to send it to me, or link it below and hopefully someone will answer it in due time. Please check back frequently if your questions have not yet been answered. If you have a submission — an answer to a question — please include it below. Anyone wishing to submit content to the FAQ is strongly encouraged to do so. Any questions in red have not been answered; click on one to answer it. Please follow the Composition FAQ Guidelines.

Initial Questions

Content Questions

Mechanics and Grammar Questions






Structural Questions

Stylistic Questions

Writing About Literature

Online Writing





Research Questions

Revision and Editing

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