How do I write a strong title?

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Why a Strong Title

  1. Get the reader’s attention.
  2. A strong title will make their brains tell them to read more into it.
  3. Strong titles will create a bigger audience.

Consider the following ideas

Get Spunky: If your title has a fun ring to it, chances are your audience will be captured by it.

Be Intriguing: Titles out of the ordinary that have a certain ring to them will capture the audiences attention. This will usually make the reader want to know more about the topic.

Be Authoritative: Authors who are experts in the field they are writing about should pay close attention to this. Use strong words that show you are the boss.

Offer a Benefit: Make the audience believe they will walk away gaining knowledge and able to use that knowledge.

Take the Right Approach: Know your audience. Use your title that will capture that certain age, culture, social or economical class's eye.

Use Subtitles: This works great when you do not have enough room to say it in the main title.

Lastly, Be Patient: Brainstorm, ask for help and test your title with the public. It may sound like a good title to you, but may not be selling to others.


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