What is the “body” of an essay?

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The body of a paragraph explains the main idea of a topic in the essay. Body paragraphs start after the introduction paragraph and before the conclusion paragraph. The body paragraph is an important element in a essay because it clearly states details and facts that support your argument or topic. The body paragraph is usually the longest part of an essay and fully explains the central idea at hand.

How to Write a Body Paragraph

There are four major components that need to be followed to write a well-written body paragraph:

1. Transition Idea- a body paragraph should begin with a transition idea that links the paragraph with the previous one 2. Topic Sentence - basically a mini thesis that states the paragraph's main point 3. Support - a supporting sentence makes up the body of the paragraph and a supporting paragraph makes up the body of an essay 4. Closing Sentence- this should finish up the discussion and should look ahead to the paragraph

Transition Idea

A transition idea should be connected in some way to the introduction. The idea will transition and move from one point to another to make the major point. The major point being made should connect with the overall objective of the essay.


Transition words to use: Addition, Moreover, Consequently, Because, In the same way.

Topic Sentence

The topic sentence should be the sentence that jumpstarts the essay. It should be an effective guiding tool to follow and should help the reader understand the point or claim precisely. The reader should be able to get a full understanding of where the essay is heading from the topic sentence.


Topic sentence- There are many probable contributing factors to global warming. Topic- What are the causes of global warming.


Adding support is a critical factor to include in the body. In order for the written material to sound credible, evidence such as specific information, facts, and details need to be mentioned within the essay. All of the proof must completely support the topic.


Evidence can include: Published works, Research data, and Research from books, journal articles, and websites.

Closing Sentence

The closing sentence should simply conclude what was written and explained in the paragraph.


In conclusion, this is why humor can help improve a human's quality of life.

Body paragraphs do the real work of the essay, developing, supporting, explaining, and proving the thesis. A good body paragraph has a clear beginning, middle, and end.

Four important traits that are key to add in a body paragraph

Unity- the sentences in the body point to the main idea.

Development- exhibits supporting evidence to show that the main idea is correct.

Coherence- the thoughts and ideas are expressed accurately and distinctly.

Organization- is written in a proper sequence and flows throughout the essay.

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