How can my writing be more persuasive?

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Writing a More Persuasive Essay

The goal of writing a persuasive essay

"The purpose of a persuasive essay is to convince the reader to agree with your viewpoint or to accept your recommendation for a course of action." (Homework Center) We must write to express our ideas and opinions. If we believe that something is right or wrong we should write to express that because not everyone is going to agree on every topic.

What to include in a persuasive essay

  • Present a strong opinion in your thesis statement.

"The topic sentence cannot be a fact as facts cannot be debated. It should be a statement of position. That position must be clear and direct. This statement directs the readers to follow along with your logic towards the specific stated conclusion that you want them to support. Do not make it personal so do not use personal pronouns. Make it definitive. " (Five Paragraph Essay)

  • Use evidence to support your opinions. Site books, articles, research,even internet sources just support your idea with facts and evidence.
  • Always remember to consider the opposing view to the one have. If you understand what you are arguing against and can discredit it then you give your own opinion merit.
  • Remember to keep to your topic so that neither your writing nor your reader become confused.
  • When closing your essay remember to restate firmly your opinion and why you believe it. Do not introduce new material and keep to your original statement.

Methods to help organize your paper

Create lists of all that you wish to talk about in your paper. Keep your focus narrowed around the central point you wish to make. Writing the following down on paper and keeping that around while you formulate your essay will help to keep you on topic...

  • "Purpose: I want to argue in favor of :_______________" (Persuasive Essays) Ask yourself what is the point of your essay. What do you seek to accomplish and how will your choices affect other people.
  • "About you:Why do you want to argue in favor of ________________? " (Persuasive Essays) Why will this essay be important? What will this essay change in your life?
  • "About your reader: I need to convince __________________________." (Persuasive Essays) Whos mind do you need to change? The majority who holds the power to alter laws? Maybe just a small segment of the population who are into Dungeons and Dragons. Either way remember who you are writing to and write to convince them of your opinion.

Four Easy Steps to Writing a Persuasive Essay

1. Choose a position to argue and know the purpose of your essay.

2. Decide if your audience is going to respond positively or negatively and write in accordance with that.

3. Do your research. If you are going to argue a point there is nothing better than having facts on your side. Often sheer experience and knowledge are not enough to adequately defend a position.

4. Structure your essay properly making sure to include all useful information. Always keep your purpose, topic, audience, and tone in consideration.

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