What are the basic citations in books, articles, and scholarly journals in MLA format?

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Citing sources is an important part of any student project. There are numerous things that can need citing. Books, articles, and scholarly journals are all examples of this; Also, most classes will ask for MLA format work cited.

How to Cite Books

When citing books make sure that there is use of the correct format.To cite books the format is fairly easy but the student must be accurate. Remember when writing a paper to cite your sources or that will be a form of plagiarism.

How to Cite a Book

State the Author's last name, first name.Title of the book(Put in italics).City of publication:Publication date.Print.

For Example, Ward, Jason Morgan. Defending White Democracy : The Making Of A Segregationist Movement And The Remaking Of Racial Politics, 1936-1965. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2011.Print.

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Now if there is a mention of multiple sources remember that it is the same format but adding more last names.

For Example, Jennings, Kenny, George Lewis, and Candace T. Willis

How to Cite Electronic Books

When citing electronic books it is fairly the same as writing an original book citation but add the publication from the internet source.

For Example, Fan, Wu. Mechanical And Aerospace Engineering : Selected, Peer Reviewed Papers From The 2Nd International Conference On Mechanical And Aerospace Engineering (ICMAE) 2011), July 29-31, 2011, Bangkok, Thailand. Durnten-Zurich: Trans Tech Publications, 2012. eBook Academic Collection (EBSCOhost). Web. 6 Nov. 2014.

Citing Articles

When citing an article it is important to get information like the dates correct, because there is not much information. In addition, citing a print article, the main point is to be able to look it up and know when it was published.

There are few rules and exceptions outside of the traditional format. If certain information like page numbers is not available because the article is found online, simply leave that part out and skip to the next part or you can put “n. page” in the space. Also, the title of the article and the title of the newspaper, magazine, etc. that the article is in are typed different. The article should be in quotations and the work it is in should be italicized.

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The example below shows the exact format that it should be in.


Author(s). "Article." Title Day Month Year: page numbers. Medium.

Example of a online magazine article:

Klein, Joe. "5 Things to Watch for in the Midterm Elections." Time 30 Oct. 2014: n. pag. Web.

Citing Scholarly Journals

When doing citations for scholarly journals, it is important to cite properly. Making sure your citation is written correctly is important because it could it be the difference between a passing or failing grade. It also protects you from being accused of plagiarism.

When writing a citation for a journal online it is necessary to have the author or editor's name, the title of the article from the journal,the series, volume and volume of the journal, the year it was published, the page numbers, the medium of the article, and the date accessed. For example:

Last name, First name. "Article title." Journal title series volume. Issue (year published): page(s). Web. Day month year accessed.

A real life example of an article from a journal online is:

Andersen, Kara Lynn. "Harry Potter and the Susceptible Child Audience." CLCWeb 7.2(2005):11.Web. 5 November 2014.


For a journal from a database like Galileo or Ebscohost, it is a little different. You also have to include the database that you found the journal on. For example:

Last name, First name. "Article title." Journal title series volume. Issue (year published): page(s). Database name. Web. Day Month Year accessed.

A real life example of an online journal from a database citation is:

Milton, Martin. "The Ultimate Harry Potter and Philosophy: Hogwarts for Muggles." Existential Analysis 1 (2014):167. Literature Resource Center. Web. 5 November 2014.