What is the correct way to use punctuation with quotation marks?

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Use quotation marks to enclose direct quotation

  • "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds," wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson.
  • Remember: Do not use quotation marks around indirect quotations. An indirect quotation reports someone's ideas without using that person's exact words.

In dialogue, begin a new parapraph to mark a change in speaker.

  • "Mom, his name is Willie, not William. A thousand times I've told you, it's Willie." "Willie is a derivative of William, Lester. Surely his birth certificate doesn't have Willie on it, and I like calling people by their proper names." "Yes, it does, ma'ma. My mother named me Willie K Mason." -Gloria Naylor
  • Remember If a single speaker utters more than one paragraph, introduce each paragraph with quotation marks, but do not use closing quotation marks until the end of the speech

For more examples.http://www.owl.english.purdue.edu/

Set off long quotation of poetry by indenting

Use single quotation marks to enclose a quotation with a quotation

  • According to Paul Eliott, Eskimo hunters "chant an anciet magic sone to the seal they are after: 'Beast fo the sea! Come and place yourself before me in the earyl morning.

Use quotation marks around the titles of short works: newspaper and magazine articles, poems, stories, songs, episodes of televison, etc...

  • Kathernie Mansfield's "The Garden Party" provoked a lively discusion in our short-story class last night.
  • Remember: Titles of books, plays, Web sites, and films and names of magazines and newspaper are put in italics or underlined

Quotation marks can be used to set off words used a words.

  • The words "accept" and "except" are frequently confused.

If the quotation is interrupted and then continues in your sentence, do not capitalize the second part of the quotation.

  • "He likes to talk about football," she said, "especially when the Super Bowl is coming up."

Periods and commas

  • Always place peroids and commas inside quotation marks.
  • Example: "This is a stick up," said the well-dressed young couple. "We want all your money."
  • Remember This rule applies to single quotation marks as well as double quotation marks.
  • Exception In the Modern Language Association's style of parenthetical in text citations, the period follows the citation in parentheses.

Colons and semicolons

  • Put colons and semicolons outside quotation marks.
  • Example: Harold wrote, "I regret that I am unable to attend the fundraiser for AIDS reseach"; his letter, however, contained a substantial contribution.

Question marks and exclamation points

  • Put question marks and exclamation points inside quotation marks unless they apply to the sentence as a whole
  • Example: Contrary to tradition, bedtime at my house is marked by "Mommy, can I tell you a story now?"
  • Example: Have you heard the old proverb "Do not climb the hill until you reach it"?

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