Talk:Navigation and Usability

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When writing for Web Based Media, a major thing to remember is to keep the writing scan-able. Readers should be able to process and understand your main points quickly. "Scanners need clues, signposts and highlights, so content should be shaped for scanning. This means, among other things, using headings, deckheads, subheads, hyperlinks, lists and some changes in font or type."

Writers for Web Based Media should use the inverted pyramid style writing. This means that the most important information comes first and then trickles down to the details to back up the important information.


Navigation within your site or post leads to higher following and more consistent readership. If you add a search engine into your site, then you are allowing your readers higher access to old posts which adds to the consistency and focus of your site.


Remaining consistent in focus and posts allows readers to better understand and return to your writings. When writing a post, redundancy is key. Repeating yourself and going back to main points allows readers to remain focused and remember what you are writing about in the first place.