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When referencing another website or source make sure the page is credible, and is also linked by other sites.[1]
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Having pages dated shows the viewer the webpage is up to date, steadily being worked on, and uses current information.[2]
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Relevant links are important to a website to show credibility. A lack of links to relevant sources will make for an unprofessional site with little to no credibility.[3]

When upper-level college students are writing for the web having relevant sources and links are essential to the credibility of the page. Linking to outside sources that are knowledgeable in the area can improve the direction of the webpage, and show expertise. When not following these guidelines by linking to certain sources, and content not relevant to the topic the site will lose credibility.

Dated Pages

Dates on every page or article allow for the viewer to know when the post is made or updated. To ensure a site is being supported well make sure the site has been updated since last viewed[4]. Updating a webpage weekly will attract the viewer to visit the page again, and can broaden the range of users.

  • Posted dates also increase credibility for the website, and without them the viewer will not know if the site is being updated weekly
  • Having dates on content can show "how useful (and accurate) the site will be" and "how active the site is[5]."

Dating Content explains to make sure to add dates to pages dealing with events like concerts that have a time stamp.

Outside Web Sources

Content links to outside websites allow for the website to be creditable. When a website has several points of view, and has a link supporting each of them it makes the site more believable[6]. Using credible links, and supporting topics with relevant sources that have been recognized by other related content.

  • Supporting the information with these outside sources allow for other users to see the posts, and create a stronger view for the audience
  • Blogs generate more audience by offering more individual voices, and encourages identification of the user[7].
  • Having many voices from different blogs supporting the ideas in the website broaden the range of viewers being reached

Relevant Content Links

Having a source to an outside webpage about kittens, for example, on a Science Fiction website does not apply and is not relevant. To maintain a credible site it must "provide comprehensive information that is attributed to a specific source[8]." Make sure the design of the web page is relevant to the content being displayed.

  • "Ideal website content should be understandable, relevant and helpful to the site- visitors[9]."
  • "If material exists online, link to it when referencing it[10]."


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