Yellow Woman

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“Yellow Woman”
AuthorLeslie Marmon Silko
CountryUnited States
Published inThe Man to Send Rain Clouds: Contemporary Stories by American Indians[1]
Publication typeAnthology
Publication date1874

"Yellow Woman" is a short story by Leslie Marmon Silko, originally published in the 1974 anthology The Man to Send Rain Clouds: Contemporary Stories by American Indians.


An unnamed woman has a sexual encounter with a man that lasts several days despite her having a husband and child.


Yellow Woman

Yellow Woman is a female who leaves her family to have a brief sexual encounter with a Navajo man. Yellow Woman is not her real name. She has been kidnapped by a stranger when she was near the river.


Silva is the Navajo man that Yellow Woman runs away with for a brief time. The story leads you to believe he is a cattle thief and maybe even a murderer. Silva is a man who has kidnapped the woman.


Grandfather is just a memory to Yellow Woman now because he is dead. He told her all the stories about Yellow Woman.

The Rancher

The Rancher is a fat white man who has a sour smell to him. He and his people have been looking for Silva for a long time because he's a thief who rustles their cattle for the meat.


• Traditional native values versus contemporary American values.

  • The roles of wife and mother at odds with desire.

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