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Hi, my name is Tabatha. Hi, my name is Tabatha.

This course has been beneficial to me because I was introduced to new things I have not done in the classroom before. Since I have re-entered college, the classes I have taken were like refresher courses. I have learned new things in these classes, but I had a grasp of what would be required of me in these courses. In this class, I felt a little lost. I knew from reading the course description. It would be difficult for me. I knew the difficulty would come from me not having a lot of experience in computers or in business, but I did not care. My goals were to gain more experience in both areas. I have done that. I have not done as well as I had planned on, but I do know more about computers and the business world. As a result of taking this class, I now know some things I need to improve on before I re-enter the job market.

In my opinion, this class should be taken the entire semester. I guess because it is only eight weeks long I feel like I have taken a crash course. I am assuming that the school administration thinks what is being taught in this class most students should already know. I think that is a very unfair assumption to have. I am a student who came along before computers were in the classroom and I have not had a job in business. If this course would have been just a bit longer, I believed I would have absorbed more. I normally sell back my books, because hey I need the money and I usually feel like I learned what I need to in my courses. I am keeping the book to this class because it will be a good reference to use, but mostly because I feel like I did not get all I needed.