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During the past eight weeks in Professional Communication I have definitely evolved as a writer especially when it comes understanding the audience of the paper. Before this class I never fully realized that the objective of the cover letter and the resume was to sell yourself to the employer, meaning that every word on those documents had to reflect that purpose. But knowing what to do something and actually doing it are two different things as I demostrated this semester in my grades. But for someone like me, you should consider giving slightly more work assignments so that the current assignments will not count as much.

As far as the LitWiki project, I found it interesting putting knowledge that I obtained onto a website. At first it was difficult because I had never worked on a wiki site before and even after I learned how to use it there was still the issue of exactly what to put on there and how much. Since I was a member of the Research Group that issue was not solved until later in the semester. Besides that the only problem I have had with LitWiki is that you constantly have to remind the site that you are logged in.