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I am currently a student at MSC.

During this semester, I have learned some writing,revising and reviewing skills for effective and efficent professional communications. I have not grasped the whole concept of professional writing but over a period of time, I will. I am aware of the types of tones needed when approaching certain audiences. When I receive an email now in a harsh tone, I know not to respond immediately.

I feel this course should be taught as a full session course and not divided. I feel there would be a greater chance of learning if it is taught in a full session. The goals set for this class were not meet based on your statement "There will be a final"!

I did not like the group project assignment nor did I care for the overtalktive coordinator. One coordinator was helpful, the other was not. The project is a overwhelming, if it had been an indivdual assignment it would have been better.

I enjoyed some of the experiences and some I did not such as having coordinators for the project was a nightmare. I did like the role playing and writing a letter to calm the angry person.

This is a very interesting course, but many revisions are needed from all aspects such as the opportunity to improve your grades, if you do not do well the on the assignment.

This is one class I will not forget and the information will be helpful to me in the future.