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Hello, my name is Shirmelia.

•In-class Assignment for 12/2: Consider the work you have accomplished this semester: aspects of professional communication that you learned, improved upon, or those you might still need practice with. Log into the Wiki, then click on your login name at the top of the page. In this space, write a paragraph or two that discusses how you have grown as a writer this semester; what expectations in this class were met and those that were not; and your experiences on the Wiki with the course project. Consider aspects of the course you liked and those you didn't; offer some advice about how the course could be improved, if you have any. If time and consideration are taken, this assignment will count as extra-credit.

Answer: As a writer this semester I feel that I have grown in the areas of writing memos, proposals, cover letters, negative letters, and persuasive letters. Before I enrolled in this course I had heard of these many different forms of writing, but I had never actually written them down on paper. Considering that this was my first time writing on the professional level, I feel that I did pretty well for a beginner. Overall, I still need a lot of practice and could use a lot more work on my writing skills. The most important thing that I take from this course is whether I am emailing a message to co-worker and/or friend that my message should be concise and professional.

This semester the only expectation in my opinion that was not met was the usage of time. I know that their was nothing that could be done about this because this was a second session course rather than a full session course, so we were pressed for time. Overall, all the other expectations of this course was met, because all of the assignments that we set out to do listed on the class schedule were completed. If I knew what I know now back when I was registering, I would have taken this course as a full session course because it takes a lot of time to perfect you r writing skills.

My experiences on the wiki at the beginning of this semester were scary. Coming into this course, I had never heard of wiki or knew what the definition of wiki was for that matter, but once I got over the fear of using a wiki and got comfortable with it my experiences with the wiki from then on were a wonderful experience. Now that I know what a wiki is, I visit other websites and look to compare and contrast their wiki websites to yours Dr. Lucas. If I might add, none of the other wiki websites are as easy to follow along or user friendly like yours Dr.Lucas.

The only aspect of this course that I did not like and could stand for improvement is the class project. Do not get me wrong the class project is a good idea. I just feel that the class project is a good idea for a full session semester course and not a second session. I feel that their should be an alternative for first session and/or second sessions courses rather than do a class project. I cannot speak for the rest of my classmates, but personally, I felt overwhelmed doing this project. We had a short amount of time to process a lot of information and post it up on the litwiki. I just felt as though we were all being a bit rushed.