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I greatly improved my skills as a write. I had previously known about organization in essays, but I did not know about flow and providing transitions. In earlier essays, I started a new paragraph or block of text with no clues to the reader that I was moving to a different point.

In addition to learning flow, I also learned the correct usage of commas and semi-colons. I also learned many other aspects of correct grammar that teachers had neglected to teach me. I have not yet mastered these useful and mandatory parts of writing, but I am much better off now than at the beginning of the semester. All of my expectations, especially that of becoming a better writer, were met.

I enjoyed using the Litwiki website. The site helped me learn more about certain aspects of essay writing in greater detail. It was also helpful that I could edit the assignment on the site. The course was very helpful, informative, and enjoyable. I have no advice on how to improve the class.