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In this Professional Communication class, I have grown as a writer in some ways. I have always enjoyed writing and felt there were some things that I needed to develop. In my current job, I write appeal letters to insurance companies every day. The letters are all written free hand and on occasion, I struggle with what I need to say. I am using the techniques I have learned and having an easier time developing the letters.

I truly expected the class to be boring. I was wrong. I enjoy writing and the assignments were not hard. I do wish I had taken a few extra minutes to make a perfect score on each assignment. I was stressed with the Wiki assignment at first because I felt certain the project would not be completed. Once everything came together I began to feel better about it. I do not care much for reading textbooks, but I will keep this one and use for reference. The lecture portion of the class reinforced the reading material by highlighting the key stuff. The only suggestion I would have in improving the course would be to assign individual Wiki projects.