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In the past four years of my college courses, I have always thought that my writing leaves a lot to be desire, thus, I consider it my weakness. As I read the course description, I immediately knew that this course would help me in the matter. It did; in a way I didn’t expect it. Essentially, I think my writing is the same. What has changed is my approach. As I got my first assignment, I realized that the type of writing that was expected of me was different than what I was used to in my previous courses. Previously, most of the assignments I had required me to explain the knowledge I have gained from reading a journal or researching theories. In Professional Communication, however, the assignments different in 1) they were generally shorter, and 2) there were multiple ways of getting the message across. The two ways made me change my approach in writing. I do not know what to think about the course project. Throughout the entire semester, I have been trying to make the connection between the course description and the course project; so far, I have been unsuccessful. As for the wiki, it grew on me. I think it is a unique and interesting concept. In the end, I had fun being able to have the “power” to change whatever I read on the internet.