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Hello. My name is Jacob Welch and I am in group B.

During this semester, I have learned how to write within the various mediums of the business and professional world. More importantly, though, I have furthered my understanding of communication on a whole. Part of being a professional is to understand what is appropriate within any situation. The ability to communicate this understanding effectively is also part of being a professional.

Before this class, I had a vague understanding of the difference between professional writing and literary writing but I had no foundation on which to make that comparison. I am now able to make a clear distinction between the two. I learned that the audience of the written work is just as important as content. This class has further solidified in me the importance of being as efficient with words as possible, regardless of the audience. A bonus to the class was the introduction of the Wiki. I had never heard of a wiki before this class and was very interested to learn more about it and open source programming. I enjoyed working on it and found it very easy to use.

My only real dislike with this class had nothing to do with the class in fact but with the time schedule of the class. I felt that the class work and homework was reasonable; your (Prof. Lucas) lectures were clear, educational and entertaining; and that the project was not an overwhelming task for the class to complete. The problem was completing a semesters worth of work in half the time. Prior to this class, my semester was 'ok'. Two and a half weeks after this class started, my semester was 'extremely stressful'. I have never taken a second session class before this one and I never will again. My only suggestion for this class is to alter the class project if the course is scheduled for the second session. To either outline the actual procedure of the project a little more definitively or change the whole project into something smaller to accommodate for the shortened semester would allow the students to focus on the other aspects of class rather than worrying about the progress of the project and the rest of the class.

--Jawelch 19:30, 28 Oct 2004 (EDT)"Wipe them out, all of them." EP III May 19, 2005 [1]