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Hi, my name is Jakelin Dominguez; I am 18 and majoring in health science for my bachelor's. A few things about me are I love to bake and cook when I have the time, and I also have so many hobbies. I do here a few. I love swimming, dancing, reading, exercising, binge-watching, and lastly, I love exploring. And I also work at the front desk at Hampton inn in perry, ga, so yes, I'm doing work and college at the same time. Still, it may be stressful at times, but I work hard and make time to study, and yes, I am ahead in a few of my classes since I have the time to do the classwork and other stuff I need to do. And I love going shopping and spending money and taking pics of myself. 😍😋

lastly yes, I am a cat person and sometimes a dog person.