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Hello, my name is Marie Fidele. My dream is to one day marry Usher(the singer), if his willing (I don't care if his not). If anyone knows where he lives in ATL please tell me. I'm not obssesed, I'm just persistant.

December 02, 2004


I have never been a strong writer mainly because I neglect to do the thing most writers like Stephen King say is the most important thing to do, proofread. I find that besides procrastination, proofreading what I have written is my biggest problem with teachers and even myself. I know it must be done but it feels like a hurdle and I find when I do it I get embarrassed at my stupid mistakes and wonder even more about my writing and grammar abilities. It often makes me feel inadequate and I hate to feeling without, it is like being empty. Yet, I find more and more I cannot ignore my writing it is like creating a painting and not stepping back to look at the wonders of it.

I took this class with all the purpose and intentions of improving my professional communication writing skills. I needed to improve my writing skills when communicating with people because I found that I did not know how to write a professional letter. Although all my life I have had nothing but office jobs, I still lacked the skills needed to communicate to others through words. Yet this fact did not bother me until I started looking for professional work- jobs that need a professional resume instead of just filing a personal form. I find no matter how hard I concentrated on my resumes I still could not find a good paying professional part-time job. I was concerned and so I sought out the help of a councilor in the Career Center of the school's campus. They trained me on the art of resume writing and how to be professional. I still knew I had a lot to learn and I looked in the student's holy book-MSC Student Catalogue- to see if my major offered one of those classes as one of its course. They did and I was elated because I really knew this would be helpful to me now. I needed to learn how to get a good job right away.

"Your resume is not at all professional," is what I heard on the day I went to get help with my resume at the Career Center. I felt crushed by the statement because it was as if being told by someone that you have no class. I got over it though and realized I had to improve on this part of my education before I graduated and realize that I still have inadequacies I should have settled in college. So I try to learn all I can about writing since it is a big part of my major as a CIT student.

In this class, I have learned a completely new method of writing and rules that I did not even know before then. The book helped a lot but I always find it more useful to get feedback and more information from a teacher. I did learn more than I expected from this class and was glad when told better and different ways to do things aside from what the writer wrote in the book. I also learned how ignorant I was and am glad to be less ignorant of these particular subjects. I have to say that this class has been super helpful to me. I will be using what I have learned to get myself a job to pay the bills while I am still in school. I have attained more information in a short time than I have ever had and I would not change a thing about this course except for working on the webpage-I am a computer phobic and this is another issue to deal with too. However, keep up the great work of teaching this course Pr. Lucas, to ignorant bastards like myself who are glad to have learned a bit more about another type of writing- as if to say wow! There you can write differently-my English Comp teacher has a lot to answer for.