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B. Dannielle Summerlin is a first semester student at Middle Georgia State University. She is currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Technical and Professional Writing. Previously, she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology at Shorter University in 2015. She intended to become a Licensed Professional Counselor after earning her bachelor's degree, however, after working in the field for some time, she realized this path was not for her. For some years she worked in retail management and as an administrative assistant. She is currently working at Wellstar Kennestone Hospital as a Unit Secretary. She has stated that once she completes her graduate degree that she has interest in gaining a position within the field of instructional design.

Outside of her occupation and educational goals, Dannielle enjoys listening to audio books and attending pop culture conventions. Additionally, she enjoys taking care of and spending time with her two cats, Marshmallow and Rusty.

As for her name, her legal first name is Beverly, however, she prefers to go by her middle name which is Dannielle. In schoolwork, she often writes her name as "B. Dannielle Summerlin" since many internet applications for school only list her name as Beverly Summerlin. She has plans to legally change her name to avoid confusion.