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Based on the rest of the proposal, I don't think your introduction is accurate. Are you certain about your definition of "digital media"? That would include radio? Old telephone land lines? Perhaps you want to focus on "social media" for "college students"? Have we addressed e-readers and iPads? Isn't this more writing for the Web? I like this phrase: "specific writing style necessary" for Web writing. Perhaps concentrate on that for the intro. What defines the specific writing style necessary for college students on the Web?

Who is your audience? Perhaps there should be a section that defines them and their needs, other than simply "students." You state: "Ideally, student-based environments that employ good writing can communicate optimally and connect in resourceful ways." Is communication the only goal here? What is the resourcefulness?

Where are the group portions of the project? I.e., which sections will be written by your groups as groups?

In project details: will each section be an instruction manual? A review? I'm not clear on how each section works. Shouldn't "writing" come first? Please do not simply copy Carroll's book (which is what the rubrics are based on). Under "social media" would YouTube count? Are there other sites missing? I would think Facebook would be a huge site to cover for college students, no?

You list references but you do not refer to any of them. Perhaps, then, they are "potential resources"? Please be aware that references are integral for each and every page of the project.

I think if you make these couple of changes, you'll be good to go.

--Admin (talk) 05:29, 31 October 2012 (EDT)