Talk:Debt Relief

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Why are there little or no citations? This is probably the costliest oversight of the whole project. Every bit of information that does not come out of your heads must be cited! We went over this in class many times. Research is so important, and I know you did some, but you do not cite. This is called plagiarism. You state: " great self-help guide to consider is Repair Your Own Credit which instructs debtors in how to repair and reestablish credit." This is great, but why not link to the book (is it a book?) online, or at least on a works cited page. Here's another: "Futhermore, ensuring the institution you choose works with your creditors. Checking their status with the Better Business Bureau is a great idea. (Brown, 326)"; following proper MLA citation method, the period goes after the parenthetical citation. What citation style are you using, anyway? This should be consistent throughout.

"Most financial advisors agree that the most important step a person must take before seeking counsel is to change their money management skills. The debtor must change the way he/she thinks. They must rid themselves of all financial anxieties or debt will probably accumulate again." Big problems with pronouns in these sentences.

"Thing"? Used several times. Can't we think of a better word than "thing"?

"The Mastercard consolidations department will respond to requests for debt consolidation if a written request from the card holder is made to the proper department." What department? This would be excellent information to have provided. As it stands, this is little help.

Generally well done. I question your organizational approach. Perhaps a FAQ approach would have been better. Very little was said or referenced about self-help alternatives. This seems like an obvious oversight. Generally, well done for an eight-week project.