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Enter weekly progress reports here Hello my name is Miaona Jones.

To the coordinators Amy & Jefferson, Week of Nov. 9&11- Group A--Mark, Mary, & Shirmelia--the interview group started and completed the following pages:Collection Agency, Bankruptcy, & Debt Management.

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To Amy & Jefferson: I obtained information from a website called, but this site is not just for the young. This site informs college students how to stick to a budget, how to avoid debt, and how to get out of debt.

To Amy & Jefferson & Ryan I obtained the following information during my research thus far:

(1) Figure out how much you owe. (2) Keep the two credit cards with the lowest rates. (3) If you don't have a credit card with a interest rate of 14% or lower, get one. (4) Make a honest effort to refrain from using your cards over the next six months. (5) Add up your mimimum monthly payments. (6) Calculate how much you can pay over the minimum amount. (7) Apply all of your additional repayments to the card with the highest rates. (8) Consolidate your debt. (9) Pay the mimimum on your lowest rate cards. (10) Consider using your savings to get out of debt. (11) Consider Bankruptcy. (12) Consider Debt Consolidation. (13) Consider Debt Counseling.