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This is a general article template for study guides on this site. The major sections are just suggestions, and each study guide should add or remove based on its needs. This template is just to get a new study guide started. This template uses Wikipedia:WikiProject Novels/ArticleTemplate as a base. Pair the following with the correct infobox:

'''''~title of work~''''' is a ~date~ by ~author of work~.
<!-- Expand the lead paragraph above to summarize the article. Briefly describe distinctive characteristics of the work, major themes, awards, and notable adaptations. Do not make any statement that is not expanded later in another section of the article. See [[Wikipedia:Lead section]] (WP:LEAD) for guidelines. -->

<!-- Brief summary of the plot -->

<!-- Major characters and descriptions. Link to longer character sketches on subpages. -->

==Major Themes==
<!-- thematic description, using the work of literary critics (i.e. scholars) -->

==Development History==
<!-- history of the work's development, if available (e.g., ''[[Things Fall Apart]]'') -->

===Publication History===
<!--*year, country, publisher, Pub date DD Month Year, binding; major publication history to be included here, not everything if too extensive -->

===Explanation of the Work's Title===
<!-- Explain the work's title if it's not immediately obvious (e.g., ''[[Things Fall Apart]]''); be sure to support with sources -->

==Literary Significance and Reception==
<!-- description of the work's initial reception and legacy based on the work of literary critics and commentators over the years, give citations; if no literary significance should just be called reception -->

==Awards and Nominations==
<!-- lists awards the work received, and significant nominations, if applicable; include in reception if brief -->

<!-- references to major film, TV, theatrical, radio, etc. adaptations, if applicable -->

<!-- in-text citations should use shortened footnotes; see [[Help:Contents]] -->

==Works Cited==
<!-- use citation templates and begin each with a bullet; in alphabetical order by author's last name; each should go between the {{Refbegin}} and {{Refend}} tags -->
* . . .

==External Links==
<!--Link to, but don't include, reviews of the work and other sources-->
<!--Links to websites about the work-->

[[Category:~art type~]] <!-- Literary | Composition | New Media | etc. -->
[[Category:~time period~]] <!-- 19th Century | BCE | etc. -->
[[Category:~movement~]] <!-- Romanticism | World War I | Contemporary | etc. -->
[[Category:~genre~]] <!-- Drama | Poetry | Prose | Songs | etc. -->