Epic of Gilgamesh/Ishtar

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Ishtar was the Great Mother, the goddess of fertility and love. On the other hand, her character had destructive characteristics; she was considered, especially by the Assyrians, a goddess of hunting and war and was depicted with sword, bow, and quiver of arrows. Among the Babylonians, Ishtar was distinctly the mother goddess and was portrayed either naked and with prominent breasts or as a mother with a child at her breast. Ishtar is described as an evil, heartless, women who destroyed her mates and lovers. She brought destruction to Tammuz, the farm god.

In the epic of Gilgamesh, she tried to make Gilgamesh her husband, but Gilgamesh refused telling her how she treated her last lovers. Ishtar was angered by Gilgamesh's words, so she sent the Bull of Heaven down to destroy Gilgamesh. After Gilgamesh destroyed the beast she sents a diease to kill his counterpart Enkidu.

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