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  • Greg Laden's Blog — This blog provides basic tips about publishing with iBooks Author.
  • Persisting data in your iBooks Author widgets with local storage — This blog post provides developers familiar with creating widgets through programs such as Dashcode the coding tips needed to allow widgets local storage of input so the data isn't lost after leaving a widget. The tutorial is written by a Bookry developer that creates widgets for iBooks Author.
  • iBook Author [sic] — This webpage features video and text tutorials of journalism students from Emerson College. Content covers basics for beginners, template tools, insertion and modification of content/widgets, and distribution.
  • Apple's iBooks Author — This is Apple's official iBooks Author introductory page featuring interactive short step-by-step videos.
  • Embedding a YouTube Video in iBooks Author — This tutorial shows how to use MacOS X's Dashcode to create a YouTube widget for your iBooks project. It's very straightforward and easy to implement. Dashcode requires the installation of Apple's Xcode, part of the developer's package. Sign up for free.
  • Previewing in iBooks Author — This tutorial shows how to use the preview function in iBooks Author, including how to preview only certain sections or chapters of the iBook.
  • How to format video for iBooks — This YouTube video discusses how to format videos for inclusion in an iBook. This can be tricky to get to work right just through experimentation.


  • iBooks Author keynote Jan 2012 — This is an in-depth presentation about iBooks Author by Roger Rosner (Vice President, Productivity Applications) at Apple Education Event Jan. 19, 2012.


  • iBooks Generator — This webpage provides simple embedding links for video and maps to use in iBooks Author.
  • Publishing With iBooks Author — An aggregate website with many articles/resources about iBooks Author, from using the program to news in general.
  • Templates — An introduction to templates in iBooks Author.
  • Making a Comic — This blog post addresses a creative workaround for the lack of full-page support. It also makes a point to discuss what did and did not work for this user.
  • iBooks Author - Image compression — This page provides a discussion of the image compression used by iBooks Author when creating an iBook, including a suggestion and a potential hack to get the desired image into the iBook.
  • iBooks Author Training — This webpage is designed for iBooks Author training; it includes videos and webinars.