Debt Relief: Credit Card Companies Offers Consolidation

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Credit card agencies such as Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express have departments that provide essentially the same services as debt consolidation and debt management companies; however, debt reduction and credit counseling are entirely different functions than what the credit card companies do best. Credit card companies typically prefer their card holders use specialized debt consolidation firms to help with debt consolidation. These firms take on a substantial burden of individual repayment agreements and terms as well as attendant paperwork. MasterCard for example, prefers their card holders use a debt management service. Therefore, Mastercard does not advertise a debt management department within their company. The Mastercard consolidations department will respond to requests for debt consolidation if a written request from the card holder is made to the proper department.

Although trying to set up a debt management plan using services available through the various credit card companies may prove difficult, the small fees and inconvenience associated with debt management companies may be avoided.