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Blogging is an important way for people to communicate their thoughts and views through digital media. With websites such as WordPress and Blogger users can customize their page depending on if they want a professional or personal look.


WordPress is an online blogging tool that allows people to easily post their thoughts. As a very interactive and easy to use blog, WordPress is customizable:

  • It enables the user to use widgets which allow people viewing the blog to go to the blogger's other social media sites.
  • WordPress gives the option to upgrade to Pro, but still allows many options for beginners who just want an easy access blog.
  • WordPress enables the user to have a content specific and focused blog.
  • The blog can be personal or professional depending on the audience the user wants to reach.


Blogger is also an online blogging site which gives users many options in what they want to include on their page.

  • Also as a customizable blog, Blogger lets you:
    • Choose from hundreds of different back ground images and layouts.
    • Add slideshows, widgets, and user polls
    • Available in 41 languages


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