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In addition to changing the ways in which people read, write, and gather information, the Digital Age has changed the job market. A number of online resume sites like LinkedIn have arisen in the Digital Age, creating an opportunity for employees and employers to connect via the Internet.

Hannah Morgan comments on the value of using LinkedIn. She says, "Reaching far beyond the capacity of just a website for resumes, LinkedIn serves as a platform where people can communicate on a social and professional level, advancing their interests and opportunities in the process.[1]

While it may seem unnecessary for a college student to use LinkedIn, it is important to begin obtaining information about various industries so that upon graduation, the student will be ready to enter the field of his or her choice. Demonstrating an understanding of an industry increases the chances of getting hired. The job market is increasingly competitive and, when armed with knowledge of a desired industry, a student is more likely to get the job desired.

Job Hunting in the Digital Age

Creating a professional image that blends with the personal image is one of the major advantages that the online networking site LinkedIn has to offer. Through LinkedIn, prospective and current employers and their employees can connect with each other. This creates an opportunity to build a network, which is a vital part of obtaining and maintaining a successful career.

Professional and Social Connectivity

According to Seth Fiegerman,[2] "The social network for professionals has been growing at a rate of 10-15 million users per quarter."As of November, the site boasts over 187 million members. While this may seem like an overwhelming amount of users, LinkedIn is a close-knit online community when compared with the amount of users on Facebook and Twitter (over a billion each). Unlike other social media sites, LinkedIn has a targeted membership: professional individuals and people who are ready to enter the professional job market.

What is Linked In?[3]

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Contact Plug-In

LinkedIn bought Rapportive[4], a website that creates browser plug-ins that integrate social media contacts into Gmail in order to increase opportunities to make connections via LinkedIn. Increasing connections increases a network and thus, increases the chance of getting a desirable job.

Skills and Expertise

With this tool, LinkedIn users are shown skills related to the ones entered in their profiles. This feature allows users to brush up on important skills they might not have. Taking advantage of this tool is wise and can be quite useful. In the competitive job market of the digital age, it is important to show mastery of all skills related to a field in order to increase chances of obtaining a job.

Groups and Answers

Employees can seek help in answering business questions by linking with other business associates with this feature. This tool is especially useful for newcomers to business, or for those who are just curious. It is easy to be intimidated in the work force by higher-ups and superiors, and this tool allows a new employee to potentially avoid bothering a supervisor with a question.

Today’s News

LinkedIn users have easy access to industry-related news. This is an important tool, because relevant information about the industry can be shared with co-workers and superiors. Being up-to-date on news and happenings in the industry shows that the employee is motivated, interested, and valuable.


The “Influencers” section follows industry leaders. Demonstrating knowledge about important people in the industry shows initiative and shows that the employee cares enough about the industry to find out relevant information about industry leaders. If someone is genuinely attempting to succeed in the industry, it is vital to know who the leaders are because, one day, they could be working with those individuals.


Colleagues can assist each other by giving and receiving good recommendations. One of the major benefits of LinkedIn is that it helps build a network for a user. By giving good recommendations for colleagues, employees increase their chances of receiving good recommendations. This helps to build relationships with co-workers and associates.

Resume Builder

LinkedIn's newest feature, a resume builder, incorporates user's information into a resume format. The feature offers various resume styles that fit the user's skills, career field, and expertise. The benefits of a cohesive resume are outlined in VisualCV.


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