What is parallel structure?

According to the book of Foundations First sentences and paragraph with Readings. 2nd ed. suggests that "parallel structure as repeating the same grammatical structure for example, all nouns, and verbs, and so on to express comparable or equuvalent ideas." (Kirszner and Mandell p.213A)

Example: Paul Robeson was an (actor) and a (singer). (two nouns) Example: When my brother comes home from college, he eats, sleeps, and watches televison. (three verbs)

Parallel structuer is especially important in paired items, comparisons, and items in a series.

Example: Jemera takes Alex to daycare and then goes to work. The sentence uses coordinating conjunction. A coordinating conjuction is and, but, for, nor, or, so, or yet are use for paired items.

In the book of A Writer's Reference the fifth ed. illustrates "parallel as two or more ideas, that are easier to grasp when expressed in parallel grammatical form." Example: Paired ideas are usually connected in one of these ways

with a coordinating conjuction such as and, but, or or

with a pair of correlative conjuction such as either...or or not only... but also

with a word introducing a comparion, usually than or as (Hacker 81-83)

In the book of The New Century HandBook suggests that "parallelism is the words and phrases that are linked by the coordinating conjunctions and, but, or, or nor often are parallel in content." (Huckin and Hult p.759)

According to Benjamin Franklin wrote "A penny saved is a penny earned."(qtd. in Parallelism p.759) Huckin and Hult points out," he was using parallelism."

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