What is a wiki?

A wiki is a term that refers to a server site where questions are answered in the form of a definition. A wiki site allows anyone the ability to edit and improve a given definition by adding new relative information. (Wiki). “The beauty of Wiki is in the freedom, simplicity, and the power it offers.” It is recommended that one should read the topics carefully before adding a new topic to avoid clutter. (Welcome Visitors).

"The word wiki is a short form of the Hawaiian wiki-wiki which means "quick." The first wiki was created by Ward Cunningham and Bo Leuf in 1995, who was looking to create an easy authoring tool that might spur people to publish. The name of the first program was, The Portland Pattern Repository. This program is used for personal note take by online corporations, constructing an online community between people, and managing a website. The wiki allows anyone the chance to include internal links, to another wiki page, and external links, outside wiki. And the key word here is "easy," because, plainly put, a wiki is a Website where anyone can edit anything they want." (Richardson, 59).


A wiki can be as versatile as one can imagine. It was used as a Christmas wish list in this example. In this example a potential gift giver decides on a gift then edits the word no to a yes then all other gift givers know not to purchase that gift on the list. It is suppose to end the hassle of duplicate gifts. [Media:http://disavian.no-ip.info/wiki/index.php/Hillary%27s_Christmas_List](Lipko).

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