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Web Portfolio Evaluation Questions


  • Does the site offer new and interesting content?
  • Do all of the links work? Are all the links relevant?
  • Do all of the images load?
  • Targeted audience apparent?
  • Purpose of the site apparent?
  • Subject of the site apparent?
  • Site is well-planned and logically organized?
  • Designer used creativity and imagination?
  • Site is free of grammatical and mechanical errors?
  • Stylistic content is clear and concise?
  • Does the site adequately cover the subject?
  • Would the site benefit from further development or research?
  • Does every page contain contact information and a “last updated” date?


  • Design used consistently throughout web site?
  • Navigation obvious and appears on every page?
  • Does the site use a Style Sheet?
  • Are fonts varied and used consistently — bold for headers, italics for emphasis, etc.?
  • Is CRAP considered in the design?
  • Is white space used effectively?
  • Does the design pass the “blurred-eye” test?

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