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The Internet has changed the way people search for jobs. A paper resume is no longer enough to make an impression to prospective employers. An online resume is the tool of the trade for recent graduates to network, showcase work experience, and manage their career choices.

What is VisualCV?

"VisualCV", Inc., stands for Visual Curriculum Vitae or resume and is owned by "Talent Technology". It is a free online resume service that allows students to present their work experience safetly in a digital portfolio and share it with their peers and future employers. Students can market their qualifications and build a professional image by incorporating class projects, writing examples, images, videos, charts, graphs, and letters of recommendations.

Building Steps

  1. Create. Information on text sections should include small bio, contact, work history, and education. To stand out from the crowd, a VisualCV should have multimedia-rich content, including images or video clips that showcase the student's portfolio.
  2. Share. Students can look over the 700 companies listed on the VisualCv site to find a prospect match to apply for a job and send their VisualCV.
  3. Manage. VisualCV is easy to update so students who get a job can add new skills and keep their resume current and relevant.

Resumé Styles

There are several different types of resumes, outlined by [1]Mary Ellen Guffey in Essentials of Business Communication. A resume must be relevant and professional in order to obtain a good job. No matter what type of resume is chosen, it is vital that relevant and up-to-date contact information is provided. This includes a cell phone number, and an email address that is checked at least once a day. Resumes, especially online resumes, should follow the criteria outlined in Good Writing.


This type of resume is ideal for a person with an extensive job history. Guffey says that chronological resumes:

  • Provides quick scannability to recruiters
  • Quickly reveal candidates education and experience
  • Suitable for students with extensive job experience


A functional resume is good for a candidate who has little employment experience. A functional resume:

  • Showcases skills, rather than past employment.
  • Groups skills and accomplishments
  • Takes away the negative connotation of a spotty or weak employment history


A combination of the aspects of functional and chronological resumes, this type of resume is good for a recent graduate who has a bit of job experience. A combination resume:

  1. Emphasizes abilities and job history
  2. Is a good choice for recent graduate
  3. Exemplifies skill sets targeted to job description of choice

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