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My name is Mark A. Harris and I am On the interviewing team.

In-class Assignment for 12/2: Consider the work you have accomplished this semester: aspects of professional communication that you learned, improved upon, or those you might still need practice with. Log into the Wiki, then click on your login name at the top of the page. In this space, write a paragraph or two that discusses how you have grown as a writer this semester; what expectations in this class were met and those that were not; and your experiences on the Wiki with the course project. Consider aspects of the course you liked and those you didn't; offer some advice about how the course could be improved, if you have any. If time and consideration are taken, this assignment will count as extra-cred

When I first join this class I thought it was going to teach me the language of businness, but the professor told us that college, and this class in particular, is about learning to play the game. I've learned to play the game quite well in the course. During this course I wrote a follow-up letter to a company for a job after having had a not so good interview. The district manager I e-mailed the letter to back me as the a best selection and now I'm one of the last two people they are debating over. His return e-mail was full of praises so I think that I am the front runner.

This class taught me far more than I could have dreamed. This class teaches a person how to contend with life in the bussiness world as we know it. One's skills and experience means little to nothing if they are not showcased properly. This class equips a person with the communcations skills require to move ahead in any bussiness.

As far as the Wiki and my writing skills goes, I fell that the course project could have been left out. Although I learn somethings in the course of completing the course project, I think that the time could have been better spent focusing on developing the skills taught in the book and in the lecture. I do think this coruse improved my writing skills for the bussiness world by teaching me how to use certain words and sentence structures that envoked favorable reactions.

All in all this was a great course and I would recommend it to anyone regardless of their major. This course not only makes a person a better communicator, but it better prepares them to win at the game of life.