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Professional communication has helped me become a better writer by demonstrating the proper way to communicate effectively and persuasively. I feel that I have grown as a writer by following the suggestions offered by you and the text that was required. However, my expectations of the course were not what I had originally foreseen. The extensive group participation factor was an unexpected addition to the course.

With many great minds contributing to one main project truly had its bonuses. Using the Wiki in collectively gathering and presenting information did prove to be more successful than I thought it would. The Wiki interface was clean and easy to use. The Wiki is one aspect of the course I truly enjoyed.

The only improvement I would suggest is I feel we could have received a little more guidance as to what you really wanted from the project. Often times I felt that we were left in the cold to fend for ourselves. Actually, it felt more like something was missing.

On another note, I feel that we have put together a great piece of work that others in the world will be able to use and benefit from. And I appreciate the class for their hard work and the knowledge I obtained on the subject.

          • AFTERTHOUGHT

After speaking with Dr. Lucas about my statement in the third paragraph, I now understand how the process works in this course.

While most students have been taught to do as the instructor instructs, Dr. Lucas allows for the creative process to unfold. Rigidity is not encouraged and structure is dissolved. We are thinking beings and he allowed us to think and make our choices as individuals.

I guess that is where something was missing from.... I expected him to be rigid and structured, not to allow for freedom of thought.