Traditional Writing vs. Online Writing

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Traditional Writing vs. Online Writing

The Internet and social media cite have completely changed writing as a form of communication. You no longer have to write letters and stick them in a mailbox. Now, all you have to do is simply log on your e-mail or a social media, type your letter and deliver it in a matter of minutes. Online writing is continuing to grow and grow in our everyday society, from the business world all the way back to school. It is in evident that it is only going to continue and become more and more of a factor in our society. As society changes with online writing, so does the way we write.

Online writing is not like traditional writing, as we know it. We were all taught in school that you have to have at least five paragraphs. We were taught we need an opening paragraph, three main points, and a closing paragraph. That is not true when writing online. In the world in which we live, everyone stays busy. We do not have time to sit down and read long letters anymore. That is why the traditional five paragraph writing style is no longer effective online.

When you write online, it is important to get straight to the point. If you do not get to the point immediately, readers will lose interest in your writing and not even bother reading it. You do not need five paragraphs to let your thoughts be known. Get straight to the point! Your most important thoughts need to go at the beginning of your writing to ensure that it gets read. You start with the important idea you are sharing and proceed to the least important.

When writing, online you do not have to have the five sentence paragraphs many of us were taught. People were taught that for a paragraph to be complete, you need at least five paragraphs. In online writing, it is not necessary to have five sentences per paragraph. Your work should be easy for the reader to skim and not appear clustered.

Traditional writing still has its time and place. However when it comes to online writing, you do not need to write using the traditional writing style. As society constantly changes, so do the writing styles and the methods of communication. Online writing is the wave of the future and the future is now. Do not get left behind in the way you write.

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