Titles Should Be Like The Hulk

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Titles are meant to send a strong, clear statement. Like the Incredible Hulk, your title must be strong and carry pressure and weight. If your title does not get the viewer’s interest, your content is pointless. So, there is a tremendous pressure when creating titles. The Incredible Hulk is a huge, green man, that, when mad, cannot be missed. If you were to a big green man, your attention would be instant. Your title must be like a big, green man and capture the viewer’s attention. You want the viewer to read more and more and discover the meaning of the title. A title should have creativity. As the Incredible Hulk, being a creative fiction character, who gets super strong when made mad and turns green, you must think of a unique and creative title that will make the viewer want to read more. When creating a title, it should be about the content you have written. Your title must stick to the script, or rather your written content, just like the Hulk must stick to his script. Now, go channel your Incredible Hulk and write some strong titles.

The Hulk -> http://www.deathbyfilms.com/images/The-Hulk-in-Avengers.jpg