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Style can be defined as a writer personal way of writing. A writers personality is often reflected in his or her own style. "Style, in literature, (is) the mysterious yet recognizable result of a successful blending of form with content"(Columbia). A few examples that influence what the writers style is are techniques such as jargon, sentence structure, description, and the use of literary devices such as metaphors and similes.

Donna Gorrell, an English proffessor writes in a commentary that, "It's time for us to accept that if we want our students to write with style, to write like writers, we have to do more than teach sentence variety, rhythm, and emphasis, all the time leaning on correctness. If we want our students to express themselves as individuals, we have to allow them to be different-and, yes, to break the rules. We need to recognize that style is difference." Gorrell is trying to point out the many different aspects of style and the way to acheive "style". Style is something a writer must have in order for their work to stand out and have unique qualities.