Style can be defined as a writer personal way of writing. A writers personality is often reflected in his or her own style. "Style is the man himself" writes Georges-Louis Buffon, a French naturalist (Morner and Rausch 214). An author or writer's style is presented in his or her work by certain literary techniques such as tone and rythem.

Myers and Wukasch write that "style (from the Latin for 'pointed instrument for writing,' or 'manner of speaking or writing') is the manifestation in language of a writer's individual voice and vision that are derived from his or her character" (346). Again, style is acheived by the writer's usage of literary techniques.

As Hacker points out, sentences have style that are the building blocks for the style of the entire body of work. Achieving style with sentences can be attained by parallelism, coordination, subordination, and/or other techniques such as sentence structure (80).

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