“Lit” could stand for “literature”—as originally intended—or “literacy” of the humanities’ relationships with micro-processing technologies. LitWiki allows students to learn about humanities from previous work and guide the construction of their own knowledge through contributions based on research in the humanities. LitWiki encourages students to find and foster their own knowledge of humanistic disciplines by contributing that knowledge to this web site. As is the nature of wiki, this site is a collaborative effort of all students from all over the world taking any humanities courses, from literature to composition, visual art to music, theater to film, new media to criticism and theory. Presently, this site and the theory behind it are under development, but LitWiki is ready to be used by any who might want to participate, both students and professionals.

LitWiki is about the collaborative presentation of factual research by students for students. Therefore, the following will be emphasized and expected:

  • study guides for literature, specifically, and art in general;
  • factual information, definitions, extended definitions;
  • theory and criticism summaries and syntheses;
  • bibliographical links and literature reviews.

See Help for guides to getting started.

Contributors should keep the purview of this site in mind when submitting articles.