Fight Club Chapter 2

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In this chapter, the reader is first introduced to Bob. Our narrator meets Bob at one of the support groups he attends. Bob is an ex-wrestler who had testicular cancer and had to have his testicles removed. Bob took Bob now attends "Remaining Men Together", a testicular cancer support group. While in this support group, our narrator notices a woman also in the meeting. This is the first introduction of Marla. At this support group meeting, the men gather together hugging and crying. Our narrator feels this time of the meeting is his vacation. He gets to cry and let it all out and then can go to sleep at night. He started going to the meetings because he suffers from insomnia. The narrator cannot let himself cry with a faker like Marla in the meeting. He realizes that she has been attending all of his different support group meetings. He vows at the end of the chapter to get Marla out of his support group meetings.


  • Seminoma[[1] (7) - a malignant tumor of the testis arising from sperm-forming tissue
  • Amytal[[2] (9) - a trademark used for amobarbital which is a barbituate used as a sedative or a hypnotic
  • Tuinal[[3]] (9) - a drug containing two barbiturates, secobarbital and amobarbital, that is primarily used for long intense sedation
  • Seconals[[4]] (9) - a trademark used for the barbituate secobarbitala which is a depressant drug used to induce sleep
  • Valerian Root[[5]] (9) - a perennial flowering plant that its dried rhizomes are sometimes used medicinally as a sedative
  • Dianabol[[6]] (11)- an anabolic steriod that was banned in the United States by the FDA, however, it is still produced in other countries

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