Welcome to LitWiki.org

LitWiki.org is a new online literary resource that is a collaborative effort from poets, writers, artists, teachers, students and scholars from all over the world, of biographical entries; definitions of genre, time period, themes; criticism and theory; and analysis and interpretation of stories, poems, plays, and novels. Our goal is to create a compilation of the most important literary resources for people who are interested in reading, studying, researching, and teaching literature. This is a 2013 initiative.

What makes LitWiki.org unique is that it’s inclusive. It’s not just about a literary canon based on a European white male model that has more often than not excluded works by women, gays, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans and non-Europeans; it’s a literary resource that truly reflects America and our global diversity.

Interested in this project? We need writers, researchers, teachers and programmers to help us with this start-up. Join us on the ground-level of this exciting project and donate your time to a worthy cause. Contact us at info[at]litwiki.org with your ideas and input on how LitWiki.org can become a success! We are especially interested in teacher-student projects that can be incorporated into our LitWiki.org initiative.


Author: Gabrielle David on September 6, 2012